“One reason we struggle with insecurity: We’re comparing our behind-the-scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel.” –Steven Furtick

This blog is my pretentious attempt to reverse this trend by documenting my day-to-day research tasks. (Note that I have another blog for more polished exposition.) I hope this will serve at least three purposes:

1. Help me track my own progress and build up intuition about what works and what doesn’t.
2. Remove common misconceptions about doing research.
3. Propagate engineering “tricks of the trade” to a wider audience.

The format that I hope to keep up will be a short (~2 paragraph) description of what I did each day, published on every day that I did any substantial amount of research. If I have my shit together, I may also periodically publish summaries that synthesize some of the lessons I learned.

If no one but me reads this blog, then I think it will still serve an important self-pedagogical purpose. But perhaps someone else will also read this, and then heckle me mercilessly about how much my code sucks.


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