Log 12-18-2012

Stuff I did today:
1. Checked output of the runs I sent to the NLP machines (except it turns out I had a bug and had to re-run them)
2. Wrote a debugging suite that allows me to easily query information about different features / sets of features and identify utterances in which they are important.
3. Did some debugging and realized that I had some bugs in how I was regularizing the model.
4. Fixed the regularization bug, smoothed out the L1 loss slightly to make the convex optimizer more happy, and added a bunch more logging.
5. Added several run-time options: the smoothing parameter for L1, the coefficient on the L1 penalty, an early stopping parameter for L-BFGS, and the number of iterations to run the algorithm for.
6. Sent 7 jobs off to the NLP machines, which will hopefully finish sometime tomorrow.


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