Log 03-22-2013

What I did today:

1. Installed Linux on my new machine
2. Percy’s group meeting (Arun and Andreas gave a nice tutorial on SMT solvers)

3. Meet with Percy to discuss possible applications of the theory I’ve been developing over the past 3 months, as well as write-ups and pseudocode I should produce over Spring Break. We also want to write a NIPS paper on probabilistic abstractions for high-dimensional inference (with particle filters and string mapping as two target applications).

4. Met with Andreas to discuss a plan for our NIPS paper on relevance-directed inference.

5. Hertz board dinner. I talked to a lot of interesting people, and Ed Boyden gave a really interesting talk on the work in his lab (which is most famous for optogenetics but also has a lot of other really interesting neural measurement tools).


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