Log 03-25-2013

What I did today (plus some of yesterday):

1. Tried to get SMILE to compute joint posterior probabilities instead of posterior marginals, without success.

2. Found datasets that SMILE solvers had some trouble on (~30 seconds per test case).

3. Turned on some optimizations on SMILE that got the time per test case to about 2 seconds, which is smaller than I had hoped, but still leaves room for improvement.

4. Got test datasets in good working order, plus wrote an API and testing script so that implementing and comparing different algorithms should be easy

5. Cleaned out my inbox

6. Wrote questions for the SPARC app / dealt with other SPARC administration

7. Wrote up interview notes for Vannevar

8. Worked out details of the relevance-directed inference algorithm in Bayes nets; the plan is to write it up tomorrow and send to Andreas / Noah.


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