Log 03-27-2013

What I did today:

1. Worked out details of to-down message passing

2. Worked out span-independent abstract logical forms

3. Wrote relatively detailed pseudocode for semantic parsing with abstract logical forms (there are still a few details to fill in but it’s mostly there)

4. Wrote outline for the Pi-system and top-down message passing writeup (this was originally going to be two writeups but I decided it made more sense to merge into one; I will possibly regret this later)

5. Started to fill in the outline, got through 3 sections and halfway through a fourth, but hit a snag on the 4th (weighted relative entropy, which I thought would work out the same as weighted KL, but appears not to, and also is possibly non-convex, which would be annoying). I’ll have to think about this tonight / tomorrow.

6. Met with Dario for an hour about Vannevar stuff

Plan for tomorrow is to finish filling in the outline, write up some stuff about semantic parsing (with pseudocode), and send it to Percy; then I’ll start reading some of the papers that are likely to be relevant to the two NIPS projects.


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