Log 06-25-2013

1. Housing application [0:30]
2. Meet with Pepe [1:15]
3. Work out compatibility criterion [0:55]
4. Understand parameter initialization [0:20]
5. Implement compatibility updates [2:40]

I realized I wasn’t making much progress on (5.) and probably needed to plan my code out better, so I’ll be doing that tomorrow.

Log 06-24-2013

1. Met with Percy [0:40]
2. Modified Semparse code to use CoarseDerivations [7:00]. Now stuff is running but I probably need to do a bit more theory at this point, since subsampling the features leads to really wacky probability estimates.
3. Paperwork / blog catch-up [0:20]
4. CVX reading [0:75]

Log 06-20-2013

1. Set up git repo for SemParse
2. Understand SemParse code
3. Run SemParse code
4. Work out / write up relaxed Pi-System details
5. Look at drawing tools; ended up settling on possibly Canvas, possibly trying to find something more off-the-shelf.
6. Figure out portion of SemParse code that needs to be modified.