Log 06-17-2013

Forget exactly what happened today. Basically, I realized that the top-down version of beam search (also referred to here earlier as loss-sensitive EP) that I had in mind was just regular EP, and that Dan Klein had done something very similar already. I then switched to thinking about another idea based on using intermediate beams to train during the learning phase. (This turns out to also not be that great of an idea, but I don’t realize this until sometime tomorrow, at which I switch to yet another idea of using an EP-like parsing method to gain better coverage, in a way very similar to my NIPS paper.)

EDIT: Oh wait, I found my log, here it is:

1. (0:15) Call about fixing car
2. (0:20) Set up dentist appointment
3. (0:15) Order new phone battery
4. (2:20)  Read Dan Klein papers
5. (1:15) Find good reading group material


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