Log 02-24-2014

Looks like I’ve been pretty remiss about updating this, although I do have several logs on my phone that I just need to transcribe. I’ll try to do 1-a-day, and label them T minus X for that came from X times before this post (I forgot to add dates to the old logs, hence why I’m using weird notation).

Anywways, here’s today’s log:

1. Read through LAN paper [1:30]
2. Clean up sparse online learning write-up [2:00]
3. Work out a good setup for learning with probabilistic abstractions [0:30]
4. Work out simulated annealing counterexample [0:30]
5. Write up counterexample [0:30]
6. Buy new bike [1:00]
7. Stand-up group meeting [1:00]


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